Supports cardiovascular health. Strengthens the cardiovascular system, circulation & venous integrity.*

About Hawthorn Plus: A large hawthorn hedgerow surrounds the sanctuary garden on our Biodynamic farm. In June, we hand harvest the white flowers and tincture them immediately in organic alcohol. In October, with the help of long pruning poles, we collect baskets full of red hawthorn berries, which are tinctured immediately in organic alcohol. This special blend of hawthorn flowers, leaves, and berries, gathered by hand on our farm, supports the health of the cardiovascular system, stimulates healthy circulation, and balances a person who feels agitated and restless.

Ingredients: Fresh Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata) leaf, flower, & berry^, Water, Grain alcohol (Alcohol 95% by volume, water)^, Vegetable glycerin^.

Safety Considerations: None.