Calm, Cool & Collected Stress Response Drops 2oz

Our Calm, Cool & Collected herbal drops are on of our top sellers! We also call these our ‘stress drops’ because they help your body deal with stress in a healthier way.

We formulated these to be an instant impact product. However, like all our products, they work better the longer you use them. This combination of herbs helps deal with issues that arise from adrenal fatigue, always feeling frazzled, tired buy wired, anxious feelings, plateaued weight loss and has some herbs that support liver health.

Our herbal drops are made from wild harvested or organic herbs, and we use organic vegetable glycerin which make these surprisingly sweet tasting. As with all our products, every product is 3rd party tested and we use the only best ingredients and manufacturers.

They are alcohol free and zero carbs but they taste amazing! 

This pack include one 2 fl Oz tincture which have 60 servings in each bottle 

-Assists with stress response 

-Liver support 

-Provides a sense of calmness 

-Supports healthy weight management

Directions: take 1 ml (20 drops) 1-3 x a day. We suggest at minimum taking it during the day and right before bed (it helps with restorative sleep) 

Ingredients: Astragalus root, Eleuthero Root, Ginkgo Leaf, Wood Betony Herb, Milk Thistle Seed, Ashwagandha Root, Rhodiola Root, Lion's Mane Mushroom, Licorice Root, Holy Basil Leaf, Lemon Balm Leaf, Passionflower Herb, Spearmint Leaf

Other Ingredients: USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine, Purified Water

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