Do you long for more love and compassion in your life? Are you feeling weighed down by toxic emotions from wounds inflicted on your heart? Does your heart need the extra support of stabilizing and balancing frequencies? If any of these scenarios sound like you, then Rhodochrosite is the crystal you need to work with. 

*Rhodochrosite brings unconditional love!
*Like the soft petals of a rose, the Rhodochrosite stone supports feelings of compassion, deeper emotional connections, and openness to love without judgement or expectations. 

*Pink is the color of love, which makes this stone's properties a powerful addition to your collection of heart-based healing crystals! The Rhodochrosite meaning is known for attracting love by opening up the heart chakras with its healing vibrations. 

*When it comes to heartache, it's all about balancing negative emotions. Work with the Rhodochrosite meaning and uses to connect the fiery energy of the sacral chakra with your heart. This loving vibration calms the heart and encourages stability when tensions are high. 

Stone is selected with love and intention for you!