Acne Face Wash 4oz

Beauty by Carisa formulated clinical grade all natural skin care products that actually WORK! She has made her formulas free to the public and people all over the world are using/working with her recipes and having life-changing results! For more information on Carisa and these products... find her on Tik Tok and Youtube @Carisanaturalstyle. 

*Acne is an infection in the pores so it's important to wash your face daily and follow up with the acne serum and a hydrosol spray to lock in the product. 

Directions: Wash face morning and night. Wash off makeup for clear skin. If acne or cystic acne, follow immediately after with the Acne Healing Serum or straight Tamanu oil. It's best to use after to clear breakouts and prevent future break outs. 

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Local Honey, Tea Tree essential oil, Castile Soap



A clinical pharmaceutical-grade essential oil is complete in its chemical constituents, giving it a rich aroma, and kinetically able to raise the frequency of the human body, restoring balance and normal function to weak body systems. The only essential oils that can be used topically, diffused, and/or ingested for therapy purposes. These have a complete GCMS report from full testing and have removed impurities and level of impurities remaining.