Darcee Johanns

Born and raised in Iowa.  While living in Phoenix, Az. After graduating from ISU, I was fortunate to work for a herbalist from Switzerland.  I managed and went on to own one of her three herb stores. We carried bulk herbs, herbal formulas, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, Chinese patent formulas, Ayruvedic herbs, books and held classes explaining our products in conjunction with aiding the body in its journey back to wellness.

I moved back to Iowa in 1998 to raise my daughter Jordan.  At that time, alternative therapies were untapped and unknown by most in the mid-west.  I’ve been using alternative therapies for over 25 years and feel they are now sought after by many people.  Social media has made us very aware of all the possibilities and alternatives to aid in our health journeys. 

I’m excited to introduce you to our store, Holistic Harmony, a trilogy of focuses to bring one complete space of wellness.  Alternative remedies, Classes and Reiki, and a Tea Shop.

We look forward to your visit!  Our goal is for you to relax, learn, and thrive!

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